April 07 2022
Lions Hall Rentals
The former Lions Hall, located at 706 Railway Avenue, is managed & operated by the Town of Herbert.Please call the town office at 306-784-2400 for inquiries &/or bookings.  Hall Rental Rates: All day - $200.00; 1/2 day - $100.00; meetings only (4 hrs max) - $40.More
April 07 2022
Pest Control Officer
The Town of Herbert has appointed Richard Doll as the Pest Control Officer for the immediate area. If you're having problems with or suspect any kind of undesirable rodent activity, please contact Richard at 306-741-7801. He'll be happy to help.More
March 25 2021
2022 Branch Pick up
Town workers will make branch pick-up rounds beginning Wednesday, April 13th & every other Wednesday thereafter. Residents must ensure that branch piles are kept small; branches cut to manageable lengths no greater than 7' & the branch less than 5" in diameter. Tree limbs are not considered …More
March 05 2021
2021 Revaluation
Last summer, SAMA conducted a physical inspection of all Herbert properties; the result of which you can view on the 2021 Assessment Notice you'll be receiving in the mail on Monday, March 8. It's important, as a property owner, that you take the time to review the assessment as the majority of …More
December 11 2020
Council Meetings
In the past, regular council meetings were scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m., but from January 2021 onward, meetings will begin at 6:00 p.m. All meetings are being held in the Herbert Lions Hall where social distancing protocol can be followed. As meetings are open to the public, anyone wishing …More
July 10 2019
New Sewer Line Maintenance Policy
Policy 5.0 - Town Services 5.1 C. - Water/Sewer Line Maintenance & Repair Policy has been amended. View the policy under the Governance drop-down list - Bylaws & Policies.  More
June 24 2019
Triways Disposal Services Ltd.
Has changed their list of acceptable items. It's important to note that plastic bags of any kind, shrink wrap, or #1 food containers only (single use) are no longer allowed in the curbside recycling cart. These items are now considered as waste & must be put into the garbage cart.  More
June 01 2019
Water Management
ATTENTION HERBERT RESIDENTS! Current water usage is more than the Town can sustain at this time. Please manage your water usage carefully for the remainder of this weekend; Saturday, June 1st & Sunday, June 2nd until a Water Management schedule can be posted on Monday, June 3rd. Thank you for …More
April 12 2019
Branch Pick Up
Started on Wednesday, April 10, 2019 Town Maintenance will see to picking up & the disposal of reasonably sized (smaller) piles of branches, left in back lanes.This schedule will be maintained for every other Wednesday from this date forward.   For quantities deemed too large …More
April 11 2019
Heavy Truck and Trailer Parking
Follow the signs! New signage has been clearly posted along the "old highway", designating both the north & south sides as NO HEAVY TRUCK OR TRAILER PARKING with the intention to divert parking on South Railway, to the new parking area. Bylaw 2019-03 amends TO REGULATE THE …More
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