Welcome to the Town of Herbert

A quiet, friendly community situated in the heart of Saskatchewan's wheat belt along the TransCanada Highway, 47 km east of Swift Current. The town is fully serviced offering health, education, recreation and spiritual services while catering to a large surrounding agricultural area.

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May 3rd, 2023

Branch pick-up begins tomorrow morning. Please place branches in the back lanes in manageable-sized piles. Loads deemed too large will be left behind. Maintenance will not pick up branches longer than 7' (feet), tree stumps, piles of chopped wood, bags of leaves, grass clippings, compost, etc.
For larger loads, homeowners can contact the town office should the town dump trailer be required.
Option #1 - request to use the town dump trailer & load it yourself. Maintenance will park the trailer at the desired location & see to the disposal of the branches for $30/load; or
Option #2 - maintenance staff loads the trailer & dumps for $80/load.

BRANCH PICK-UP - WEDNESDAYS, MAY 3rd, 17th & 24th and so on until Transfer Station season close at the end of October.


April 14th, 2023


This is an abbreviated version of the 2023 Council Meeting Minutes to date, highlighted by each meeting date. View complete minutes on this website by visiting the Governance tab at the top of this page, & scrolling through the drop-down list to Agendas & Minutes. 
Going forward, we'll attempt to publish one meeting at a time rather than having to amalgamate minutes into one document from the beginning of 2023.


March 30th, 2023
Beginning March 30th, 2023, you'll notice a change in the overall total of the utility billing amount due to an enviro rate increase. Like everyone else, Triways Disposal Services has also been affected by rising costs, which will now be passed on to us, the consumers.
The utility billing is comprised of three (3) charges; sewer - $20, water - $67 & enviro (garbage & recycling carts) - $22 ($11 per cart); to make up the billing amount of $109 per month. With the increase, the enviro rate will now be $28.50 ($14.25 per cart). That's a $6.50 increase.
The new monthly billing amount will be $115.50 per month.


March 3rd, 2023

If you're a dog owner, you know that they love to go for walks and yes, they also need to take care of their business. We cannot stress enough how important it is for you to clean up after your dog/s.
Snow is a wonderful disguise for such incidents, but it's truly awful to view pile after pile of dog feces once the snow recedes & melts.
It's in all of our best interests, & the interests of your animals, for obvious health reasons. It's pretty easy to carry bags for such purposes & dispose of them in your waste cart.

Help keep our community clean!


November 29th, 2022

The Town of Herbert has created a Snow Removal Bylaw concerning the removal of snow from private property. 

Whether you do your snow removal or hire it done, you cannot place snow on any sidewalk, street or public place. A public place is defined as - includes all or any part of a street as defined by the Municipalities Act, a park, a municipal reserve, an environmental reserve, a buffer strip, a drainage ditch or other property of the Town of Herbert. Below, is a list of areas designated for the disposal of accumulated snow.

Please see section 9 of the Bylaw that indicates that if the Bylaw is contravened the Town may require the property owner to remove the snow, failing which the Town will remedy the contravention and will add any unpaid expenses and costs incurred by the Town to the tax roll of the property owner.

Designated Areas for Snow Disposal:

1)    West side of the Sports Complex away from the building

2)    At the Town’s storage pits - North side of Connaught 

3)    West Lift Station (located west of Willoughby and Bison)

4)    Town’s aggregate storage area located North of Connaught and Brownlee

– West side of the road/outside the gate

5)    Storm Field between Klassen and Lobethal - South of Bison

6)    North end of Neidpath on empty lot in NE corner

7)    West of the Cube – West of the alley by the trees

8)    North of the Catholic Church on Shaw (500 block)



November 1st, 2022

The Town has now gone live with an EMERGENCY Maintenance telephone number.
CALL 639-926-7100

This is only meant for reporting a serious issue; for example, your basement is filling up with water & you haven't the means to shut the water off; the shut-off cannot be located, or the valve has seized making it impossible to shut the water off. This would be considered an emergency for Town staff. Staff would turn the water off at the curb to stop water from running into the house until the situation is resolved.

It is not meant for anyone with sewer issues. You'll need to call a sewer service or a plumber.


November 1st, 2022

The official closing for the season is November 1st - April 30th. 



September 15th, 2022

Potter’s fields originated from biblical times, but are commonly known as areas where those who couldn't afford to buy a grave would be buried (sometimes called the “friendless poor”). 
Today, the Town has endeavoured to remind us, that even though there are many unmarked graves in our cemetery, we haven't forgotten them.


September 9th, 2022

Shortly, Lee's Tree Care will be in Herbert to do regular maintenance on Town trees. but as part of their annual visit, they will also tend to residents' trees upon request.
If you have trees on your property that require maintenance or removal, just call us at the office & we'll add your name to the Tree List.
The arborist will call you to make possible arrangements &/or provide you with a quote for the service required.


September 9th, 2022
The Town office still has a supply of Self-Test Kit available.
*First come first serve until the supply is distributed.

**One kit contains 5 tests.  

How Property Assessment Works in SK

April 7th, 2022

Click on the highlighed link to view SAMA's informational pamphlet regarding: How Property Assessment Works in Saskatchewan. It clarifies SAMA's role in the assessment process.

Once the municipal assessment roll has been completed, homeowners are given the opportunity to appeal a property assessment. However, it's important to understand that the appeal process is about appealing an error in the assessed value of your property or classification of your property; homeowner's cannot appeal their tax levy.

For a better understanding, click on the following link: Assessment Appeals Guide in Saskatchewan for Citizens


April 6th, 2022

All property must be assessed. If you have property within your municipality that does not have an assessed value, you will need to contact the Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA).
SAMA Central Office 200-2201-11th Avenue Regina SK S4P 0J8 Tel: 306-924-8000 800-667-7262 (in Saskatchewan) Fax: 306-924-8070 Web site: www.sama.sk.ca

Assessment Info

April 6th, 2022

Click the following link to view: How Property Assessment Works in Saskatchewan

Triways Disposal

January 25th, 2022

Here is an example of what NOT to put in your recycle containers:
(Styrofoam, waxed cardboard and medical masks!)

We are finding more and more medical masks and gloves in our recycle loads. 🤢
Please check Triways website for allowable items; triwaysdisposal.com

Report Streetlight Outages

September 9th, 2021

The Town having to report streetlight outages is a thing of the past. SaskPower has now made it very easy for anyone to report a streetlight outage using their online reporting tool via www.saskpower.com. Simply select the Outages tab located at the top of the homepage > Power Outages > Report an Outage > online reporting tool > enter Herbert > click upon the appropriate street light icon, input any notable information, & follow remaining prompts to complete the submission process. 

What's New?

April 7th, 2022
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April 7th, 2022
Pest Control Officer
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March 25th, 2021
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Upcoming Events

June 9th, 2023
Garbage Cart
7:00am - 4:30pm
Garbage cart pick-up. More
June 10th, 2023
Annual Community-wide Garage & Yard Sales Event
9:00am - 4:00pm
26 Sales to date! Visit us for a great day of discount shopping. Herbert hosts thank you in advance for planning to stop by.   More
June 10th, 2023
7:00pm - 8:00pm
The Herbert & District Sports Complex Inc. invite the public to attend their AGM on June 10, 2023 at 7:00 pm in the Sports Complex. More

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