Committees & Boards

Each Council member has specific areas of responsibility, but all decisions of major impact are made by the entire Council.
CAO Michelle Mackow is the Secretary of all committees.
Mayor Ron Mathies is ex-officio of all committees.
Committees appointed by majority vote of Council; November 15, 2023 - November 9, 2024

Standing Committees 

  1. Standing Committee: Bylaw Enforcement 
    • Chairperson: Dawn Wanner
    • Member: Tom Newburgh
  2. Standing Committee: Economic Development (Economic Development & Tourism, Community Promotion, Library)
    • Chairperson: Tom Newburgh
    • Member: Dawn Wanner
  3. Standing Committee:  Emergency and Fire Preparedness  (Fire, RCMP, EMO, EMR, Mutual Aid, Health)
    • Chairperson: Chance Reimer
    • Member: Sharon Nickel
  4. Standing Committee: Transportation 
    • Chairperson: Pat Gammel
    • Member: Ron Becker
  5. Standing Committee: Utilities and Waste 
    • Chairperson: Pat Gammel
    • Member: Ron Becker
  6. Standing Committee:  Recreation (Sports Complex, Swimming Pool, Ball Diamonds, Parks, Herbert Ferry Regional Park)
    • Chairperson: Sharon Nickel
    • Member: Chance Reimer


  1. Building 
    • Chairperson: Pat Gammel
    • Member: Ron Becker
            SUB-COMMITTEE - Herbert Sports Complex Upgrade
            Chairperson - Pat Gammel
            Member - Tom Newburgh
            HDSC Inc. - Kim Redekop
            Member at Large - Roland Falk
  2. Equipment
    • Chairperson: Ron Becker
    • Member: Pat Gammel
  3. Personnel
    • Chairperson: Tom Newburgh
    • Member: Dawn Wanner

4. Finance Chairperson: Sharon Nickel Member: Chance Reimer

5. Fundraising Committee (sub-committee of the HDRB) Tom Newburgh

External Committees

Southwest Municipal Government Committee

  •  Representative:  Ron Mathies

EMO (Emergency Measures Operations)

  • EMO Chairperson/Coordinator: Pam Schaitel
  • EMO Control Group: Council as a Whole
  • Plus Administrator: CAO Michelle Mackow

Committees created by Bylaw or Agreement

  1. Herbert & District Recreation Board: Chance Reimer
  2. Herbert Regional Library: Sharon Nickel or Ron Becker
  3. Herbert Ferry Regional Park: Dawn Wanner & Wes Redekop
  4. EMO (Emergency Measures Operations)
  5. Mainline Mutual Aid