Bylaws & Policies

Please contact the Town Office for complete information on the bylaws.

The following is general information for the Public.


Bylaw 2023-09 To Establish a Volunteer Fire Department
Bylaw 2023-10 To Authorize Using a Line of Credit

Security Surveillance Bylaw

The purpose of this bylaw is to authorize the use of security surveillance in the Town of Herbert so as:
a) To provide an opportunity for law enforcement agents to gather evidence when an alleged unlawful incident has been reported.
b) To provide enhanced security for businesses and residents of the municipality.
c) To ensure proper safeguards are in place to address privacy issues regarding video surveillance in a public area.

Click here for Bylaw 2022-01
Click here for Surveillance Area Map

Storage Compound

The purpose of this Bylaw is to regulate the rental and usage of the Storage Compound for Herbert ratepayers. 

Click here for Bylaw 2022-01
Click here for Bylaw 2023-08 TO AMEND Bylaw 2022-01
Click here for the Storage Compound Agreement

 Nuisance Abatement Bylaw

 The purpose of the bylaw is to provide for the abatement of nuisances, including property, activities, or things that adversely affect:

a)     the safety, health or welfare of people in the neighbourhood;
b)     people’s use and enjoyment of their property; or
c)     the amenity of a neighbourhood.

Click here for Bylaw 2015-04
Click here for Bylaw 2022-03 Amendment

Snow Removal Bylaw 

The purpose of this Bylaw is to regulate the removal and placement of snow on private property and to prohibit the placement of such snow on roadways, public drainage ditches and public property.
Click here for Bylaw 2021-03

Covid Emergency Regulations - POLICY RESCINDED (at February 14, 2022, Regular Council Meeting)

The policy was initially implemented to protect Town employees' and community health and safety.

031-22              Wanner            WHEREAS the Saskatchewan Provincial Government has removed the requirement for proof of vaccination or proof of negative test policy
Policy 13.0       Dunbar             rescinded effective at 12:00 am February 14, 2022;
                                                    BE IT RESOLVED THAT Policy 13.0, a Policy of the Town of Herbert for Covid Emergency Regulations, be rescinded effective immediately.
                                                    The purpose of this policy is to protect the health and safety of Town employees and the community.

Click here for Policy 13.0                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Carried

Council Procedures Bylaw

The purpose of this bylaw is to establish clear, transparent, consistent and accessible rules for conducting business at meetings of the Council and its Committees in accordance with The Municipalities Act.

Click here for Council Procedures Bylaw 2016-12

Council Code of Ethics Bylaw

The purpose of this code is to outline basic ethical standards and values for members of the council.  It is to be used to guide members of the council in respecting what their obligations are when fulfilling their duties and responsibilities as elected officials.

Click here for the Council Code of Ethics Bylaw 2017-01

Employee Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is intended to:

  • provide an understanding of the fundamental rights, privileges and obligations of municipal employees;
  • protect the public interest;
  • promote high ethical standards among municipal employees;
  • provide a means for municipal employees to obtain authorization for conduct in circumstances where they are uncertain as to the ethical appropriateness of that conduct; and
  • set out the corrective measures for unethical conduct.

Click here for Policy 2.11 Municipal Employee Code of Conduct

Animal Control Bylaw

All dogs over the age of 6 months must have a license and be restrained at all times. No residence shall keep or harbour more than 3 dogs. It is your responsibility to clean up after your pet when you are out walking. See Noise Bylaw re: barking.

Click here for Animal Control Bylaw 2007-06

Business Licence Bylaw 

Herbert & Area Business Owners

Business Licences are renewable annually beginning January 1 of the calendar year & expiring on December 31. Licences are acquired through the town office. Licences are not required for auxiliaries, church groups, registered non-profit organizations, school-sponsored groups or service clubs based in the town.

Businesses (LOCAL) within a 40 km radius of Herbert                                         $50.00
Businesses (TRANSIENT OPERATORS) outside a 40 km radius of Herbert        $100.00

All businesses require a licence to operate within the Town of Herbert, whether they are Sales Agents, Service Agents, General Contractors, Piano Tuners or Not-specified Transient Traders.

Only resident businesses within immediate town limits, Gouldtown and Main Center that have renewed or applied for a business licence will be eligible to be listed in the Town of Herbert Business Directory. As a business owner, if you haven’t renewed your licence by the end of February of the new calendar year your business name will be removed from the directory & replaced only when a new licence has been obtained.

All non-residents of Herbert MUST acquire a  business licence before operating any business operating within the Town of Herbert. All residents operating a business within the Town of Herbert require a business license. (Refer to Business License Bylaw 2008-01 available at the Town Office).

Click here for Business Licence Bylaw 2008-01
Click here for Amended Business Licence Bylaw 2019-01
Click here for Amended Schedule 1

Building/Development Permits Bylaw

All new construction, changes in outside dimensions and additions such as bathrooms require development permits from the Town Office. Demolition of assessable property also requires a permit from the Town Office.

Click here for the Respecting Buildings Bylaw 2005-13

Fire Department

Bylaw 2013-01 TO ESTABLISH A VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT IN AND FOR THE TOWN OF HERBERT is being amended & has undergone its FIRST READING at the regular council meeting held on November 14th, 2023. The red type outlines the additional language to the previous bylaw for easy viewing.

Click here to view Bylaw #2023-09 TO ESTABLISH A VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT

Fire Pits/Fire Works

"New" Fire Pits

A fire pit permit is required for anyone considering placing one in their yard & has not previously acquired one. This is solely for fire safety reasons. There is no fee charged for a permit, but the Herbert Fire Chief inspects the proposed fire pit area to make sure it meets fire regulations according to Fire Pit Policy 2010-03. Once obtained, permits are not renewed annually unless the previous fire pit location changes.

Click here for Bylaw 2017-07 Fire Pit/Fireworks
Click here for the Fire Pit Application


Click here for Bylaw 2017-06 TO CONTROL & REGULATE FIREARMS

Noise Bylaw

Domestic noise (lawn mower, snow blower, R/C Airplane, barking dog, from electronic equipment) is prohibited in a residential area from 9:00 PM - 7:00 AM weekdays (or until 8:00 AM if the following day is a Sunday or holiday)

There is to be no construction or operation of related machinery (unless in an emergency) from 9:00 PM - 7:00 AM on weekdays (or until 8:00 AM if the following day is a Sunday or holiday)

Advertising noise via audible means (noise makers, instruments, playing music, audio equipment, calling) in a public place, street, building, or premises where the sound's intent shall be heard by a person frequenting any street or other public place is prohibited.

No truck, tractor, or semi-trailer shall run for more than 30 minutes while stationary in a residential area.

Click here for Noise Bylaw 2016-03

Pool Fencing Bylaw


Click here for Pool Fencing Bylaw 2007-07

Vehicle Parking & Weight Restrictions Bylaw

Click here for Weight Restrictions Bylaw 2011-03
Click here for Parking Bylaw 94-2
Click here for Parking Bylaw Amendment 2019-03

Water/Sewer Line Maintenance & Repair

 This policy provides a guideline regarding water and sewer line repairs and is subject to any other agreement or resolution of the Council.
Click here for Bylaw 2023-05 Water Management & SCHEDULE "A"

Waste/Recycling Service Fees

Click here for Bylaw 2014-04 Solid Waste & Recycling Collection Services & Rates
Click here for Bylaw 2019-09, To Amend Bylaw 2014-04
Click here for Bylaw 2020-01, To Amend Bylaw 2014-04

Guidelines for Reporting Concerns

Our Town employees are dedicated to serving the needs of the people of Herbert, however; calls to Town employees outside of regular business hours should not be occurring unless the concern is an emergency. Please refer to the guidelines outlined below for the procedures for reporting a concern you may have in the Town of Herbert.

    1. For issues requiring action by the Town of Herbert (office staff, public works, or maintenance workers) please notify the Town Office in person or by phone (784-2400), during office hours (8:30 am - 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm - 4:30 pm weekdays), or; fax (784-2402) or email anytime.
    2. Issues will be handled by the Town of Herbert on a prioritized basis.
    3. Concerns brought to the attention of the Administrator and requiring Council action are best presented in written form with an explanation of the expected resolution of the concern.
    4. Concerns should not be brought to the attention of the Mayor, Town Councilors, or Town Maintenance personnel if action is expected. Conversation on an issue will be noted; however, action on a concern requires those concerns to be registered with the Town Office for action to be initiated.
    5. The Administrator must be aware of anything that affects the Town; therefore, it is imperative that all issues be brought to the Administrator's attention first, so action can be initiated in the most efficient and organized manner.
    1. In the case of an EMERGENCY situation, where immediate action is required for a concern arising that may involve a risk to a person or to property within the Town of Herbert, it is then appropriate to contact any staff member or elected official to address the situation at any time.
    2. Before contacting any Town employee after hours, please first consider if the situation is actually an emergency, or if it can be handled during regular office hours.
    3. In the case of a matter that requires POLICE, FIRE or Emergency Medical Services (EMS), always call 9-1-1.

With the cooperation and diligence of Herbert citizens, the Town staff and elected officials can continue to provide the best service possible for the operation of the Town.