March 25, 2021
2021 Branch Pick up

Town workers will make branch pick-up rounds beginning Wednesday, April 7th & every other Wednesday thereafter. Residents must ensure that branch piles are kept small; branches cut to manageable lengths no greater than 7' & the branch less than 5" in diameter. Tree limbs are not considered branches for our purposes, nor are logs or stumps. If branch piles are considered too large, you'll recieve a call from the town office to make other arrangements. We are trying to accommodate an entire community & are not a tree disposal service.

For quantities deemed too large for regular pick up, arrangements can be made with the office to accommodate clean-up. This can be done in one of two ways, Town Maintenance will pick up & dispose of the branches for $80.00 per trailer load; or the dump trailer can be dropped off at a predetermined location of your choosing, you load, & we'll see to the disposal of the branches for $30.00 per trailer load.
We strongly encourage those residents with the capability of seeing to their own branch disposal to do so. 

Also, Maintenance will not pick up bagged (plastic or paper) leaves (the only exception will be for those residents who still possess town issued bio-degradable bags), or piles of loose* leaves, & are the residents' responsibility to properly dispose of at the transfer station. Plastic & paper bags must be emptied of their contents & promptly removed from the site. This activity is monitored.
* Please do not pile loose leaves/grass clippings in back lanes expecting Town Maintenance to pick them up. We do not offer this as a service, nor do neighbours care to be recipients of said items. Back lanes are to be kept clear of debris & are not meant for composting leaves or grass clippings.